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Astrology is the eye of the Vedas

The six technical subjects of Vedas are referred to as "Vedangas", These six vedangas or the limbs of vedas are:

  • शिक्षा (Education)
  • कल्प (Eon)
  • व्याकरण (Grammar)
  • निरूक्त (Etymology)
  • छंद (Verse)
  • ज्योतिष (Astrology)- known as the eye of Vedas.

Just as without vision our body is incomplete and it seems to be useless in the same manner without astrology the knowledge of all other subjects is incomplete. Jyotish Shastra (Astrology) has also been referred to as jyoti-shastra which means a source of light or a shastra that tells about the source of light. From the beginning of universe till date the planetary calculations have been the same as the soul in the body. All the planets link directly from all creatures and objects of the Earth. The movement of the planets put an effect on all creatures. Based on these calculations, our Mystics developed many routs to run life gladly and smoothly. By researching on the planetary calculation and their effects the Indian mystics of Astrology even provided the Indian astrological scriptures by format. This is mentioned in broad detail in Brihatparashar Hora Shastra given by our ancient master mystic Maharishi Parashara. Just as maharshi Patanjali made an easy way to purify one mentally and physically through yoga in the same way Indian Astrology calculates the planetary effects at the time of birth of a person and predicts his/her bodily appearance and structure, mental and physical ability to pursue a work, age, nature, character, health, wealth, social impact, marital life, profession, karma, luck, gain, losses etc.

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